"Fantastic!  There was no way to put a price tag on the amount of good feelings your video created, and I hope you will keep it on hand for future years." -- Doug Traub

"I loved the video (I call it a mini movie!!!!) I know when I see it again, I'll be shocked at what I missed when it first showed (like any movie when you see it again)" -- Patty "Carrow" Kaloostian

"The video was beautifully done and I must admit had me teary eyed during parts." -- Kim "Sestok" Goldberg

"It had a lot of great pictures, some of which I forgot were ever taken." -- Carol "Carver" Harris

"Unbelievable…the effort you put into this production surpasses anything we could have expected.  Every single ’75 Cougar ought to own this, whether you came to the reunion or not, if only for a cheap way to make your kids laugh real hard!!  This will be among the most valuable DVD’s in any collection – no joke." -- Stu (Adelman) Evans

"I really enjoyed the video. Keith did a wonderful job. I was so glad to be invited the the class reunion and see friends I went to school with at RHJH and MKH.  Thanks again for inviting my family."
Lynn Tucker, Jones "Brooks"

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