That Killian '75 Show
Video Shoot Photo Collection

Video Previews from the DVD!! 
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Show Theme and Titles: Broadband 

Football Preview: Broadband

Music Video That Killian '75 Band - 30 Years Later Preview: Broadband

Marching Bandmasters Association Contest Preview: Broadband

Wildthings!! Preview: Broadband

Cheerleader Practice (8mm Movie): Broadband


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Carol, Flo & Keith

Backstage in Killian Auditorium

Jay Webb & Ritchie Williams

Backstage in Killian Auditorium in '70's wigs and clothes

Killian stage in Auditorium

Video shoot set with drama students helping out

Becky & Carol

At Tamiami Airport

That Killian '75 Band - Tamiami Airport

From Left - Jay Webb, Keith Spurlock, Becky "Jones" Paul, Ritchie Williams & Ted Klemm

That Killian '75 Band at Tamiami - Retake

From Left - Jay Webb, Keith Spurlock, Becky "Jones" Paul, Ritchie Williams & Ted Klemm

Ritchie Williams

In 1960 Caddy El Dorado Convertible

Ritchie, Paula & Keith

In 1960 Caddy El Dorado Convertible

From Left: Ritchie Williams, Paula "Finklestein" Rosenberg & Keith Spurlock

Miami Vice Shoot on Brickell Ave

Now how come we coudn't get equipment like this for our video?!!! Photo taken on location Saturday, April 9th - The Miami Vice movie is due in theaters in 2006.

Carol with Clapboard

Carol loving the Camera!

Carol: "It's a Wrap!!"

Flo with the Clapboard

Flo: "It's a Wrap!"

Becky: "Thank God It's a Wrap!!

Scene from That Killian '75 Show

The cast singing, on location at Miami Killian High School, onstage in the Killian Theater

Flo looking at song selections from Album

A 1975 scene from "That Killian '75 Show"

Keith Talking to Carol

If you want to know what we're saying, you 're going to have to come to the reunion on July 16, 2005!!!

Into the Future Scene

Panic ensures as we see into the future, 30 years later!!